Fork the following repository:

git clone <>

cd k8s-specs

Create a mongo DB database

kubectl run db --image mongo \\
--generator "run-pod/v1"

If you want to confirm that the pod was created do: kubectl get pods

Note that if you do not see any output right away that is ok; the mongo image is really big so it might take a while to get the pod up and running.

Confirm that the image is running in the cluster

docker container ls -f ancestor=mongo

To delete the pod run

kubectl delete pod db

Delete the pod above since it was not the best way to run the pod.

To look at the pod definition:

cat pod/db.yml
apiVersion: v1 // means the version 1 of the Kubernetes pod API; API version and kind has to be provided -- it is mandatory
kind: Pod
metadata: // the metadata provides information on the pod, it does not specifiy how the pod behaves
name: db
type: db
vendor: MongoLabs // I assume, who has created the image
- name: db
image: mongo:3.3 // image name and tag
command: ["mongod"]
args: ["--rest", "--httpinterface"] // arguments, defined in an array